Matsapha Town Clerk - Welcome Note

Matsapha Town Council (MTC) operates through an integrated plan which maps out all its activities on an annual basis. This Integrated Development Plan (IDP) is the pillar of all projects and operating outside the plan may be detrimental as the community we serve has expectations based on it. That is the level the team has pegged Matsapha’s service delivery, through consultations as well as information dissemination.

MTC has inculcated the culture of team work and as such no member of the team does not know the strategic intent and the key objectives thus easing the implementation of the strategic imperatives by the assigned teams. As a town we pride ourselves on service delivery through teamwork which enables excellence in infrastructure development, maintenance, sanitary services, efficacy in environmental conservation, good corporate governance, financial management and adherence to the statute founding the Local Authority.

The secret of our excellence is in the continuous communication within and to our external stakeholders by creating appropriate sectorial forums. The IDP is a five year strategy reviewed on a yearly basis through stakeholder participation. In developing the strategy, the fundamental principle is to maintain its integration into worldwide practices as opposed to customisation rendering it to isolation.

To achieve this, it calls for a well-defined plan with visionary leadership from Councillors, the Town Clerk and the Management team to enable cascading of the strategic objectives and converting them into actions. MTC’s vision is on its own a tall order calling for vigilance in the execution of the strategy, given that to make the town a liveable place all systems must link and be standardised enough to attract and retain investors.

It is upon this backdrop that there had to be a meticulous way of crafting the key pillars from which Management has to draw its objectives.