Matsapha AHF Comprehensive Care Clinic official opening

Published: 2017-11-08

His Excellency the Right Honorable Prime Minister of Swaziland Dr. B.S Dlamini officially opened the AHF Comprehensive Care Clinic, which had been previously operated by MSF Doctors without Borders. This was also a triple celebration for the organization as AHF was celebrating 30 years of its existence worldwide and 10 years existence in Swaziland. He applauded all of those who participated in reaching the milestone.

A history of the organization was shared with the attendants and as a community in Matsapha we ere marveled at the good record the organization held in the country. Not only are we as Council entrusting our people with an organization that is experienced in affording healthcare to the people but we are also entrusting an organization that truly cares for the people and provides cutting edge medicine and advocacy regardless of ability to pay. SIYABONGA AHF!!!