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Matsapha Mobile Clinic Ready to Service People Coming into Town
Matsapha Mayor Sandlane Zwane, spoke confidently that the council is ready to provide health services for the people that will be coming into the town following the return of AGOA trading. This was in response to USA Embassy’s representative Mich Coke yesterday, who had challenged Matsapha on the capabilities... Read more
Matsapha Town Council Implements 4 Major Projects in 5 Years (2013-2017)
Matsapha Town Council has managed to develop a total of 4 major projects that were planned for between the years 2013-2017. These were all plans that were highlighted within the integrated Development Plan (IDP). The major infrastructure development projects of the year included: Upgrading of the Tubungu access road... Read more
New Mayor in Town

New Mayor in Town

News 8 May 2018 0

Matsapha has a new Mayor, His Lordship Mayor Sandlane Zwane. This appointment took place on the 7th of May 2018 at the council’s chambers, during the council’s inauguration. This is an annual procedure where council members convene and vote for the appointment of a new Mayor, Deputy Mayor and... Read more