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A Litter Free Matsapha
Matsapha Town Council has organised a cleaning campaign in collaboration with Kwaluseni Inkhundla and the Eswatini Environment Authority on the 21st December 2018, this coming Friday starting from 0700hrs. This is in preparation for the annual national event, Incwala ceremony and being a festive season ,  a number of... Read more
The Safer the Food, The Merrier the Season
It is that time of the year and with the holidays comes festive eating. Therefore, before you shop for all the goodies, here are some things you will need to remember. Food safety is important year around, but during the holidays it becomes increasingly important. That is mainly due to... Read more
A Safer Matsapha This Festive Season
This time of year is all about joy and festivities, but it is also a time to be wary of criminal activities happening all around, even in places where least expected. It is on that note that Matsapha Town Council in collaboration with Royal Eswatini Police held a Matsapha... Read more
Matsapha Clearing Streets Off All Stray Animals
Matsapha Town Council in collaboration with the Road Safety Council reconvened impounding in Matsapha in pursuit of clearing all stray animals found in Matsapha. The Municipality has taken upon itself to ensure that all road users and residents of Matsapha continue to be safe from animals or any obstruction... Read more