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Matsapha Town Council Dedicated to Empowering Informal Traders
Matsapha Municipality values all business people located within the town. The town’s development is not only defined by the infrastructure, but also the people living in the urban space. To ensure that growth in all aspects is covered, Matsapha Municipality established a unit, under the Environmental and Public Health... Read more
Matsapha Business Forum – “Key Investor Opportunities Brought Closer”
Matsapha Town Council continuously makes an effort to empower the community of Matsapha which will then contribute to the town’s development. To ensure this Matsapha holds a number of educational forums aimed at empowering the community and ensuring that they continue to comply with the town’s urban act. The... Read more
Training To Comply with The National Procurement Act
Swaziland Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (SPPRA) trained Matsapha Town Council employees on the National Public Procurement Act. Matsapha Town Council has taken up this initiative with the desire to make sure that the organisation fully complies with the country’s Procurement Act. The training took place on the 17th of... Read more
416 Ratepayers Pay Their Rates in Full
Matsapha Town Council awarded great prizes worth E30 000 to some of its rate payers this morning. The awarding was done during the Pay Your Rates competition, which was the first of its kind for the council. The aim of the competition was to motivate ratepayers to pay their... Read more