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Mobile Clinic Services Over 1000 Factory Employees in October
The Matsapha Town Council Mobile Clinic, commonly known in the community as ‘Kubambisana Nemphilo Yemmango”, in the month of October was able provide free health services to over 1 000 factory employees. The mobile clinic services is an initiative between Matsapha Town Council, CONCO, The United Sates Government and... Read more
38 Sray Cows Impounded in Tubungu
On the 18th of November 2019, a total of 38 cows were impounded by Council along Tubungu and Airport Road. The stray animals were spotted by the Council’s Rangers that patrol the town to ensure the safety of the Matsapha community. Council therefore pleads with pet or livestock owners... Read more
Working Around The Clock to Fix Rain Damages
Matsapha Town Council has committed itself to working hard towards fixing the damages caused by the rains from the past few days. The storm on Thursday, 14th November affected the town the most, resulting to a number of damages. The damage attributed to trees falling and closing off roads,... Read more
Matsapha Disaster Rist Management Plan Ready in 2020
The formulation of the Matsapha Disaster Risk Management Plan is in full effect after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the National Disaster management Agency (NDMA) on the 29th of May 2019. The formulation of the Plan was informed by the Integrated Development Plan (IDP), a strategic... Read more
Matsapha Business Directory: Stimulating Business Economic Growth
Matsapha Town Council through its Local Economic Development activities successfully launched the Matsapha Business Directory at the 2019 Eswatini International Trade Fair. The Matsapha Business Directory is marketing platform for all businesses located in the town of Matsapha. The Business directory allows Matsapha, as a local authority, to assist... Read more
New Matsapha Depot Ablutions Ready For Use
Matsapha Town Council Chairperson, Cllr Alice Russo, officially opened the Matsapha Town Council’s Depot Ablutions, yesterday, on the 18th of September 2019.  The opening was well attended by Matsapha Councillors and Matsapha Town Council employees. The construction of the facility took 4 months to construct starting on the 25th... Read more
Council’s “No Stray Dog” Campaign
The 28th of September is internationally recognised as World Rabies Day. In recognition of this day, Council has partnered with the Ministry of Agriculture (VET), Eswatini Animal Welfare and Royal Eswatini Police to actively remove all stray dogs found loitering in the streets. Matsapha community is urged to ensure... Read more
Warning Against Theft and Vandalism of Electrical Infrastructure
Matsapha Town Council warns against the rise of vandalism and theft of the electrical infrastructure. The Council has experienced a number of cases where the Town’s electrical infrastructure has been damaged due to the growing trend of cable theft. The theft and vandalism of the electrical infrastructure which results... Read more
More AID For Mozambique Through #Everydropcounts
Although some months have passed since Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique, the severity of the distraction still calls for more help for all the survivors left behind. It is humbling how Eswatini, acted fast and provided aid to the neighbouring country, Mozambique. Matsapha Town Council, was also moved by the... Read more
Matsapha Lucky Winners – You Paid Your Rates in Full
Congratulations to all the lucky Matsapha Rate Payers, who won great prizes from the Matsapha Town Council Pay Your Rates and Win competition. The competition called for all Matsapha rate payers to pay their rates in full by 30 June 2019.  This is the second time Matsapha Town Council... Read more