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Town Planning & Engineering

Town Planning

The planning of physical and social developments of a town or city through the design of its layout and the provision of services and facilities.

Services Offered:

  • Adverts (Outdoor Advertising)
  • Special Consents
  • Processing of Zoning Applications
  • Land Rezoning
  • Consolidation
  • Land Subdivisions
  • Transport Permits
  • Community Engagements & Consultations

Publications (people to print for use):

  • Outdoor Advertising Manual
  • Public Feedback

Services Offered:

  • Process building application forms
  • Inspect structures under constructions until development is complete
  • Receive and Scrutinize drawings to ensure Matsapha Town Council standards are met
  • Involved in health clearance certificates to ensure structural integrity
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Town Engineering

Infrastructure development is one of the requirements for Matsapha Town Council as it is expected to provide safe, affordable, sustainable and accessible multi-modal transport services. This unit promotes integrated land use development and ensuring prime movements for the residents and users of the transport system within the urban area.

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