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Town Treasury

The Treasury Department is made up of 2 distinct units, the Income Unit and the Expenditure Unit. The units might be distinct as far as function is concerned but they work together in ensuring that the council and departmental objectives are met.

The department is governed by The Urban Government Act of 1969, Rating Act of 1995, Urban Government Financial Regulations,1969, the Public Procurement Act of 2011, and the Council’s own Financial Policies and Procedures.

The role of the Income Unit is to ensure that all income streams that are due to Council are collected and accounted for. The income unit is responsible for the following income streams:

Rates Income
The unit is responsible for ensuring that all rates are billed correctly and sent to the correct ratepayers at the beginning of the financial year

  • Ensuring that all rates are paid as and when they become due
  • If, any ratepayers default, the unit is responsible for ensuring that they are followed up as per the dictates of the Rating Act of 1995

User fees Income

  • The unit is also responsible for ensuring that all user fees are billed on time and paid
  • It is also supposed to chase after non-payers and ensure that they pay for services rendered

The role of the Expenditure Unit is to ensure that all services and goods required by Council are procured, and paid for according to set policies and standards, and also to ensure that they are accounted for properly.

The main areas of responsibility includes the following:

  • Budgetary control of Council’s annual estimates
  • Procurement of all goods and services in accordance to the various legislation governing procurement at the Municipal level
  • Payment of service and goods as they become due
  • Properly accounting for the services and goods in the Council’s financial management system
  • Managing and safeguarding all Council’s fixed assets